About "One Life At A Time" by CLGC

At Christian Life Gospel Centre (CLGC), our mission is deeply rooted in the values of love, compassion and service. We strive to embody the core principles of “Loving God and Loving People. Impacting Communities and Nations”.

Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our church, as we actively engage with and support various communities in need.

Through initiatives such as our sustainable livelihood projects, free tuition programs for children and community food bank, we seek to address pressing issues and empower individuals and families to thrive. These efforts are made possible by the generosity and dedication of our members, volunteers and partners, who share our vision for a more compassionate and inclusive society.

We believe that each person has the capacity to make a difference, and together, we can create lasting change, one life at a time. Join us in our mission to spread love, serve others, and build a brighter future for all.